Mt. Hood Trip

Nov. 4, 2010

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Tree on Mt. Hood

Crow that tried to steal our lunch!

Timberline lodge from Mt. Hood.

Mt. Jefferson in the distance as seen from behind the lodge.

Timberline Lodge cat.

Paintings inside Timberline Lodge.

Paintings inside Timberline Lodge.

Native American art repurposed.

Wooden support beam with cracks.

Tile art with water fountain that's made from an ash tray!

Native American art is everywhere.

Posts like these are everywhere: they used to be telephone poles and were recycled at the Lodge and animals carved on the top of each post.

Close-up of the deer carving.

Downstairs fireplace. The iron used to be railroad spurs and the chains on the fireplace grate were snow chains used by vehicles during construction of the lodge.

The fireplace from upstairs. The entire stone chimney weighs over 400 tons!

View of the upper part of the chimney.

Carved mural.

Desk in front of a picture window.

View of Mt. Hood through picture window.

View from the lodge.

Ski slope.

View from the lodge.

Timberline Lodge from the parking lot.

Mt. Hood.